Sura Korean Restaurant

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Sura Korean Restaurant
1518 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC
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It is funny that in the 1500 and 1600 blocks of Robson Street, there are 5 Korean restaurants plus a food stand inside Robson Market plus another in the side streets. Even funnier? I work near that area and, so far, I have not blogged any one of them! Well, I did blog Jang Mo Jib, however, that was for the Burnaby location. Anyway, probably I should start doing so and the first one is Sura Korean Restaurant.

After you walk in, one thing you will notice different from other Korean restaurants is the decoration. In the other places I have been so far, they tend to be more… Home-y; however, in Sura, well, take a look at the picture below.

OK, OK, not a good description; let’s just say the ambiance is a bit more of a modern feeling than others in the area.

I went with a colleague for lunch so, instead of ordering anything fancy, we ordered basic dishes. First, the banchan, i.e., side dishes:

Marinated long beans.

Kimchi and marinated potatoes.

While not as varied as other places I have been, I will have to say it fulfilled its function as side dishes. The potatoes were a bit of a disappointment, though. Flavour-wise were OK, just that the size of the pieces made it a bit difficult to enjoy.

With our orders it also came bowls of soup. It was quite tasty, I must say. And now, the dishes we ordered:

My colleague ordered japchae, cellophane noodles, stir-fried with slices of beef and vegetables ($9). He seemed to like it; however, there is thing I am curious of… Is there a reason why it is carbs with carbs?

As for myself, I think I am starting to be a bit predictable and ordered dolsot bibimbap ($10), various vegetables, mushroom, beef and an egg on top of rice, served on a piping hot stone bowl. The bowl will keep on cooking the rice and crisp it. I was given the hot sauce on a side and gladly mixed with the other ingredients in the bowl.

Notice the crisped rice at the end of the chopsticks.

Overall, for lunch was tasty and filling. I will certainly visit again, specially considering there are other dishes I would like to try. However, it might take a while, since there are the other 4 or so other restaurants in the block…

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