Battle of Pizza Parlours – Uncle Fatih’s vs 2001 Flavors

by KimHo on April 7, 2009 · 18 comments under: British Columbia,Comments,Food,Restaurant

Uncle Fatih’s Pizza
1685 E Broadway
Vancouver, BC
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2001 Flavors Pizza
595 West Pender
Vancouver, BC
2001 Flavors Pizza on Urbanspoon

 (Bell ringing)

(Start impersonation of Michael Buffer)Ladies and gentlemen. On red corner, suggested by bloggers fellow bloggers Kevin and Sherman, Uncle Fatih’s Pizza! And, on the blue corner, a KimHo’s favourite, 2001 Flavors Pizza! And now… Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!”. (end impersonation)

Sorry, I simply couldn’t resist doing that! Anyway, today’s post is about these two pizza parlours, one located in Downtown Vancouver, the other in the suburbs. Despite their differences, they share something in common, they are both popular.

Let’s start with Uncle Fatih’s, located in Broadway and Commercial – near Broadway Skytrain station. It is not exactly in the blocks where the stations are located and, despite there are two other pizza shops there (One Fresh Slice and one Megabite), Uncle Fatih’s seems busier than the other two. That should mean something, right?

The night I went there, it was a cold, chilly night. Even then, there were people queueing outside just for a slice or two of pie. In a way, I had to fight my way to one of the few stools inside. I could have easily sat in one of the plastic chairs outside but, it was dark, cold and not sure how easy/difficult would have been to take pictures… And here is what I ordered.

I will admit something here: I don’t remember exactly what I ordered here! My memory serves me right, the left one was vegetables and the right one is chicken. But, then again, I might be completely mistaken, hehehehe. The slices were not just out of the “oven” (actually a conveyor type oven) but was not standing way too long under the lamp either. I did not really “taste” the tomato sauce, as if they were a bit stingy on it. However, there was a good balance of the other ingredients.

One thing that you will notice is the crust: it has sesame seeds which, if toasted correclty, gives a different twist. However, if overtoasted, it turns bitter. In this case, it was slightly undertoasted which, unfortunately, added to nothing. Call it double edge sword.

After having those two slices, I couldn’t help myself get at third one! Was it because I was hungry? Was it because they were good? I won’t answer that question, hehehehe.

Now, 2001 Flavors, located in one of the most dense areas of Vancouver when it comes to pizza parlours. On the same block, there are not one, or two but four pizza parlours! It has been there ever since I walked by years ago and some other nearby pizza shops have come of gone – yet, aside from a small renovation last year, 2001 Flavors basically looks the same. 

Right next to 2001 Flavors is FM Classic pizza… Did I mention lots of nearby pizza parlors?

Just like Uncle Fatih’s, during lunch rush or around 6:00 p.m., this place is packed. Fortunately, there are a couple of tables which accomodates more customers. Caveat, though, there has been instances where I have been seated to a total stranger! How come? Well, it just happens that you queue, point what you want and then sit wherever you want/can.

That night, I started with a slice of vegetable and another slice of ground beef with olives. The vegetable one was recently out of the oven; however, the ground beef one was sitting there for a moment. As a contrast of other pizza parlours, the dough was, well, more doughy. It could be good or bad, it basically boils down to your personal preference. Unlike Uncle Fatih’s, there is a good balance of tomato sauce, not overpowering but you can still taste it. As for the toppings, again, it was quite well balanced.

The crust. Here, the crust looks slightly burned/over-cooked. But, I myself do not eat the crust so I am OK with that… But, wait, did you notice something “odd” about the slice above? Like, it has a different set of toppings compared to the previous picture? Yes, just like Uncle Fatih’s, I could not help myself get another slice!

Overall, I don’t think there is a “better” between the two. They both share the same “issues” (unsold slices might be under the lamp for quite a while) but the end result is quite good in its own ways. Also, competition is stiff which push them to improve themselves. For me, I have a preference for 2001 Flavors (“just because”); however, Uncle Fatih’s is an option if I am in the area.

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