Hamburger Mary’s

by KimHo on May 27, 2009 · 4 comments under: British Columbia,Food,Restaurant

Hamburger Mary’s
1202 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC
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Despite it was a short trip, after I came back from Richmond, VA, I still suffered the effects of jet lag. That meant waking up early and be hungry by 10:30 a.m. Fortunately, aside from meetings, my work does not force me to have lunch at a specific time of the day so I chose to have a really early “lunch”. The problem? Most places do not open before 11:00 a.m… But, I had a backup plan: A place that is open “20 hours a day”. That place is Hamburger Mary’s.

Although it was “early”, I was hoping they would have the full menu available. Alas, that was not to be. Instead, they gave me only the breakfast menu. On that note, notice a lot of people was having late breakfast/early lunch/brunch as well…

I was having a hard time deciding what to order. Usually, breakfast items, well, it is not that I don’t like hash brown, eggs, bacon/sausage/ham or similar items. It is just that, sometimes, with so much variety, it is difficult to decide the best combination. In the end, I decided randomly, i.e., almost literally rolling a die, hehehehe.

Yes, saying anything else would be an overstatement!

And that almost random decision ended up being the “West Ender”, I will assume named after the area, that is, Vancouver’s West End, where Hamburger Mary’s is located. And, as per their menu, the “West Ender” is made up of “two fresh eggs, hickory smoked bacon, country sausage or smoked ham, savoury hash browns and your choice of pancakes, waffles or French toast”.

I chose sausage, French toast and sunny side up eggs. I also asked for an additional side order of seasonal fruits (I think), which ended up being more on the lines of a jam:

This ended up being a good idea as the French toast was plain – I was expecting it to be slightly sweet. Still, that was a really large serving: I added to every bite of French toast and could not finish it. As for the rest, the hash brown was savoury enough, with hints of herb. The egg was well prepared, when I “cut” through the yolk, it started to ooze away. The sausage was, well, a bit of an afterthought.

Overall, the breakfast was good, though slightly expensive, specially if I compare it to Teresa’s Cafe. It is possible I am comparing apple to oranges but… The question is whether I would like to come back for their burgers. Hmmmmm… burgers…

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