Cancun Grill

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Cancun Grill
14395 Miramar Parkway
Miramar, FL
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Another lunch, another dilemma. Where to go for lunch? Come to think about it, that’s a problem I am even having here in Vancouver, as I have visited most of the places near my workplace! Of course, while travelling, the problem is rather what are the places you can find nearby. Anyway, similar to what happened in my prior post, I looked for a place “nearby” – this time, I ended up in Cancun Grill. Now, frequent readers of this blog might remember my bias against Mexican food; however, on this trip, I was more open. Could it be because I was a hungry and needed something fast? 😀

The day I went to Cancun Grill was not a sunny day; instead, it reminded me of the weather in Panama. While driving there, I could see the pouring rain about 500 metres away; yet it was just starting to drizzle where I was. If it wasn’t because I was in the car driving, I would have taken a picture of that. It is something really bizarre, let me tell you! Anyway, when I arrived at Cancun Grill they rain caught up and I try to walk through the side entrance just to find out it was locked. Darn! Fortunately, they noticed I was there and open the side door for me.

Unlike La Carreta, the seating arrangement was a lot better. Sure, it had a lot of open space; however, you had a rail next to you or some ornament/decoration. In other words, I did not feel I could end up being under the spotlight. Anyway, despite I was hungry, I wasn’t sure what to order! There you go years of me not caring that much for Mexican food. So, I asked the waiter for his suggestion. I will admit service was quite good and rather than trying to up sell me any dish, he asked for my preferences, i.e., chicken, pork, vegetarian, et al. My answer: “pork”. As a result, he suggested a dish which I just said “sure!”. Before I go there, the meal started with…

Remember I mentioned yesterday the extra pieces of bread I would certainly not eat? Well, how about this? How the #!$%!@#$ they expect me to finish it? I mean, if they had given me 1/3 of it and told I could ask for more, I would have been more than happy. Let’s get real people, this is simply wasting food… Now, probably the picture does not do justice to it: it was a big bowl! And, yes, it can with one salsa. I just ate a token one or two chips and that was about it.

As for my meal, I ordered carnitas, braised pork and then lightly roasted. It was served with rice, beans and flour tortillas. I will repeat myself here: it was darn bloody big serving!!! The rice in an unsurprising way did not contribute much in terms of flavour. It felt flat. The beans, or rather the cheese on top of the beans, likewise did not add much. However, me being a sucker for bean dishes, I ate all of it. Finally, the pork… I will admit, it was quite juicy and fatty (it had a small layer of fat at the bottom). When I got my dish, in a just in case scenario, I asked for some hot sauce but it wasn’t needed. When it was placed on a tortilla and “wrapped”, the juices started to leak out of the meat creating a small mess. Despite I know a lot of people avoid it, the pieces of onion did add a bit slight distinct flavour to the dish so thumbs up from that perspective.

I will have to openly admit that I really enjoy this meal. The pork was really good and exceeded my expectations. Or could it because simply I am a sucker for pork? I was full and happy when I went back to work. Fortunately, I did not overeat and did not start to doze off afterwards, hehehe. (Actually, I just managed to finish about 1/2 of the serving of pork). Now, as for the restaurant itself, I am sure it has some highs and lows and, in my case, I think I hit a high. Would I come back here if I was in the area? Might be a possibility but, again, if I was in the area again, there are still a lot of places I still want to visit.

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