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Several locations in the US
1271 US Highway 22 (Location visited)
Bridgewater, NJ
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Having arrived to the hotel at night and had to go to work the following morning (about the only time of the day I would see some sunlight) meant I still had no idea of my surroundings. On my first night after work, I was driving around when, suddenly, I missed the exit I was supposed to take – in this case, it just happens the exit was on the leftmost lane and, while trying to “drive safely”, I was on the rightmost lane… Anyway, while driving back and forth trying to backtrace the correct exit, hunger stroke. It was “late” already and, when hunger calls, there is only that much you can do. The first place I saw was a Red Lobster and followed by Fuddruckers. With no idea what it was but with mention of “butcher shop”, it sounded like a good deal!

Now, I will admit that while I was driving earlier (remember, I was backtracking and circling around), I thought the sign read something else. You can try to guess yourself what it could have read while driving at 100 Km/H so I will stop at that, OK? 😉 After walking closer, I had some odd thoughts. On the left side of the building, it had some arcade video games and what seemed to be a playground. I did not peek to make sure but, regardless, that part made me think “Chuck E. Cheese’s”. Too tired to walk back and go to, say, Red Lobster, I instead went to order. And the main item? Burgers… (In fact, they call their burgers “The Original World’s Greatest Burger”).

I know some of you might be confused regarding the left side of the burger. Is that a salsa mix? Yup, you got that right! No, I did not order that, instead, they serve you the burger plain, i.e., you get an open burger with some fries and then there is a salad/produce bar on a side where you can add what you feel like (of course, toppings like cheese, mushroom, bacon, et al, are extra). There was your usual lettuce, tomato, pickles and then there were some more unusual ones, including the salsa seen above. Did I mention they also have some sauces (and I am not referring to only catsup and mustard) for your burger and fries? Now, that brings a really odd question: Was it a good move to put that on the top part of the burger bun? Reality is… No. I had to do it as I wanted to show the fact I had mushroom as well. Ah, the things you do for a picture…

Different sauces available…

Do you see something strange in the picture above? How about the colour of the burger patty. Yup, still pink! What happens is that they ask you for the “doneness” of the patty and by natural instinct I said “medium” (since I usually order medium-rare when ordering steaks). I didn’t realize what I actually said until I got my order. So, if something had happened to me for ordering this doneness, I guess there is nobody to blame! But, back to the burger. I won’t say it was the best I ever had but, at least, it was above average. For a half pounder, it could have been a bit juicier considering it was still pink, something that disappointed me a little bit. However, I have the odd feeling the bun had something to do with it, i.e., it wasn’t the best holding mechanism for this beef patty. In a way, it felt sloppy.

As for the fries, why they call it world famous. If it was, how come it was the first time I heard/read about it? Anyway, it was OK. It did not have that slight crunch on the outside/fluffiness in the inside – probably because they fry it only once. At least it wasn’t McCain’s!

When I made my order, I chose one of the combos and, out of curiosity, I chose an apple pie. At first, I thought it would be a McDonald’s like apple pie so I was surprised I got this instead. Come to think about it, in a way it made sense as the “other” side of the restaurant, there was a bakery. However, if they actually bake this then it would be a disappointment. A Save-On apple pie would be at par with this slice…

Overall, it was quite interesting the approach they provided with the salad/produce bar option. Past that, is it the “World’s Greatest Burger”. It is good in its own ways but, nope, it is nowhere near the greatest. I thought there was room from improvement. Similar to Ruby Tuesday, it had particularities that would make it attractive for children/teenagers or some other target which I don’t belong. As a result, I am not in a hurry to come back.

Similar to yesterday, this will be a two post day. Come back at around noon (PST!).

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