Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates & Patisserie (Kitsilano)

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Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates & Patisserie
2539 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
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After my burger in Moderne Burger, I was ready to drive back and continue for the rest of the day… Almost… I remembered the previous time I tried to go to Moderne Burger, there was a shop with an opening soon sign. The name of the to-be-open-soon shop? Thomas Haas… Yes, the same Thomas Haas in North Vancouver! (And which I blogged a bit over a year ago, check it here). Sure, I was still full from the burger but, hey, that does not mean I can’t buy something for later!

Yup, that is Thomas Haas himself whipping some cups of coffee (and doing some deco on the drinks)… You have to admire one thing: how many times you have gone to a restaurant that has the name of the (celebrity) chef but he/she seldom cooks there? Sure, there is an executive/head chef heading the kitchen and maintaining his/her standard but… But… Isn’t that cheating to a certain extent? It is as if you ordered duck and was given chicken instead. OK, bad analogy but you get the idea. However, that brings another question: If he is in the Kits location… Who is heading the North Vancouver location? Well, if he is preparing the chocolates and then deliver it to the other location, I think that is an acceptable compromise. What goodies? How about something like this?

Click on the picture to open a larger version in a separate window.

Yup, that was a chocolate sculpture in the shop that day. It makes me wonder how much effort it takes to make one of these… But, regardless, it is not something I want to eat anyway. Instead, I would rather eat these:

But, since I was full, I could only order/eat that much. Still, I went ahead and ordered two items which I would end up eating later that night. After making my order (which I will admit they have a decent queue management system) and paying for them, it was the waiting game. But, at that moment, I found out a fatal flaw design of the shop: acoustics are terrible. That day the shop was packed full and, as you can guess, people were chatting in the shop while eating their goodies. So, when my order was called, I couldn’t hear a thing. I found out later that I was called at least two other times before I actually picked it up. Darn… Anyway, to what I ordered:

In here, *one* small piece of pastry.

Item #1… No, this wasn’t inside that “container” – this was given to me in a paper bag. And what is this? A double baked almond croissant (?). I am not 100% certain of the last part because, again, of the noise I couldn’t hear the full name of the pastry, other than the “double baked’ part. Anyway, it wasn’t THAT flaky; however, I don’t think it would have been a good idea in this case, as I am not sure how it would have matched the inside, which had a near custard consistency. It wasn’t that sweet either which suit me fine. One thing that was missing or could have improved was the almonds (oddly). I somehow wished it was a bit more toasted…

This is what was inside the container: a pear tart. Size-wise, it is really small. How small? Take a bill, fold it horizontally. It is large enough to “cover” the bill. But, then again, it is one of those good things can come in small packages. Again, it wasn’t that sweet (though I am sure lots of sugar was used) but still had some pear taste to it – but again, there was the piece of fruit… Now, not perfect either, though. I found the portion a bit too small! đŸ˜€

While overall they were good, they weren’t cheap. The total cost of both pieces were just under $10. Ouch! And, again, it is located in my twilight zone so, from that perspective, it is doubtful I would go there on a frequent basis – most likely once in a blue moon. In the meantime, I guess it will be Fratelli for me!

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