Tim Horton’s – New York Edition!

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Tim Horton’s
Hundreds of locations in Canada
Several locations in the US
761 7th Avenue (Location visited)
New York, NY
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No, no kidding! When I was in New York City, as per today’s earlier post, I noticed certain familiar coffee shop, hehehehe. I know, everybody has his/her opinion of Tim Horton’s but this post is not about that. After all, I was not following the Where Should I Eat? Fast Food Flowchart! Instead, this post is about how does their offerings compare to the ones found here.

Now, this wasn’t the only location I ran into during this trip. In fact, there were two Timmy’s in NY Penn Station. Some of them were stand alone; others, part of a food court. And, then there was this one which shared some space with a Pizza Hut and KFC. Well, considering the cost of rent in this area (which is really close to Time Square), I shouldn’t be surprised… Anyway, you can’t yourself wonder, how similar/different does it look compare to the ones here?

While certain details like seating can’t be helped, at least, the store front is pretty much the same compared to the stores found here (here as in Vancouver). Then again, we don’t eat the store front but the baked goodies, like these:

Yup, the same goodies we find here, can also be found there as well. The only difference is that the nutritional information is displayed. I am not sure if I want to find that out when having a donut, hehehehe. Anyway, as for ordering something, they had a $2 for coffee and donut so…

A blueberry fritter and a coffee. Now, here is a small litmus test: How do people order their coffee in a Tim Horton’s? Yup, when I was asked how I wanted my coffee, I said “double double”. And guess what? No even the slightest hint of hesitation as to what I said! Now, I can’t do a taste comparison, I don’t usually order coffee in Timmy’s but that was hilarious regardless.

As for the fritter, almost exactly as the ones you can find here in Canada. No, I can’t describe this to those who haven’t been to Timmy’s; this is a case of you will have to find it yourself… :)

I did not eat the whole donut or drank the whole cup but, to Canadians visiting Manhattan, I guess they can get their Tim Horton’s fix there as well. On that note, when I was snapping some of the pictures, the cashier couldn’t help to ask “Are you Canadian?”. I just smiled.

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