McDonald’s S’mores Pie

by KimHo on December 12, 2009 · 11 comments under: British Columbia,Food

OK, this is a totally random post: As you should have noticed already, I have created a Twitter account and, well, for good or for bad, have been “following” other fellow food bloggers. Yesterday, Mijune (of Follow Me Foodie) wrote this tweet:

Whoa! NEW S’mores Pie 2 for $1.39 at…McDonald’s!! I haven’t tried it yet, anyone else try it?

Later, Sherman (of Sherman’s Food Adventures) “replies”

@followmefoodie It looked scary to me… I didn’t try it. You go ahead and tell me about it! LOL…

Now, I am making an assumption here that Sherman was replying to Mijune’s tweet above, as there were other in-between tweets, including this one:

Did u do my apple pie trick? Tell them to make u an apple pie McFlurry…vanilla ice cream & ask to blend ur apple pie in it :) @kathygko

If my assumptions are correct, then, the only thing I can say is… C’mon, people, I can’t believe you won’t give it a try! 😛

Since I was near a MickeyD’s, I thought “hey, let’s give it a try!”. So, here it is, MickeyD’s S’mores Pie!

There is some odd pricing here: 1 for $1.09, 2 for $1.39. I guess that partially explains why people end up overeating… In my case, I got both in the case I needed a “backup” when taking the pictures.

The pie, on its own…

“Breaking” the pie, seeing how the marshmallow “stretches” out

The marshmallow/chocolate distribution

Before I continue, I must admit I have never had s’mores in the past. Nope (or at least not the way it was intended)! Since I lived in the city for most of my childhood and never went to camps, I have never skewered a marshmallow and “toast” it over a campfire, put that semi-melted marshmallow in between graham crackers which had some chocolates in it. I did, however, did a semi-imitation by toasting the marshmallow over gas stove top. The main difference is that the experience is not necessarily the same.

As for the ones offered here… I found it way too sweet (probably my tastes have changed ), lacked that crunchiness from regular graham crackers and didn’t really tasted like chocolate at all. Then again, it is MickeyD’s… So, there you go, I am willing to try almost anything! 😛

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