B & O Espresso

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B & O Espresso
204 Belmont Ave E
Seattle, WA
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While this is part of the meal I had on my last night in Seattle, I decided to switch order here, i.e., I chose to post about dessert first. I myself I am not a person with sweet tooth; however, once in a while, I will go for it. This was such the case. After our meal in Le Pichet (the topic of tomorrow’s post), I took OF for some tea. Sure, it was “late” already but, at the end of this phase of the project, I though we might as well give this a chance. So, I decided to drive to one of the best known such spot in Seattle, B & O Espresso.

B & O is not labelled as a pastry shop; rather it is sort of a dinner but with a large cake/pastry menu. When we arrived – which ended being a pain because of the lack of parking space – most of other tables had only tea/coffee/dessert. I guess it should be an issue we were to order only that, right?

As for my selection of drinks, I went for tea. Frequent readers, will have noticed that tea I have ordered more frequency is Earl Grey. However, if it is available, I will go for Darjeeling. I had a cup of that form of tea some time ago and… Well, it is somewhat difficult to describe. I have tried Darjeeling ever since and it has not been the same experience. That’s why I usually end up falling back to my second favourite: Earl Grey. Sorry everybody, green tea is somewhat overrated for drinking. While that is what I ordered and got in a tea pot, taking a picture of a tea pot is not that interesting. I was somewhat disappointed with the actual tea as there wasn’t that much of that orange taste unique of Earl Grey. As for OF… Well, let me put the pictures first:

Sorry but light conditions were terrible and I was *this* close to using the Speedlight. However, I did not because we were seated in an open area and that would have been distracting to other customers. Above Numi White Tea (?!) which happened to be a flowering tea. I had a little bit of this and… Well, it is extremely different compared to the different forms of tea I have had before. In this case, it had a bitter, alkaline/chalky taste. Not the form of tea I would drink…

OF was OK with having only tea but that did not stop me from ordering a dessert. Reality is that I did not check their dessert menu in advance and asked the waiter for the best selling item. His reply? “Chocolate raspberry torte”. I did not think too much about it and asked for a slice of that. The end result is seen in the picture above. I wasn’t really expecting a cake but, after it arrived on the table, it reminded me of certain item I had in Sweet Obsession. End result? I had to do a comparison… In this case, it was as bad as the one I had in Sweet Obsession. Almost the exact same problem that occurred here happened there as well (go ahead, check that post, I will still be here!). That begs the question: is the dessert supposed to be like this or the execution in both places is bad? Regardless of the answer, I did not really like it.

In the end, I have the hunch that this place have certain potential, specially considering the area itself is somewhat similar to Vancouver West Side. However, so is Sweet Obsession. In both cases, I was not impressed and will have to give it thumbs down.

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1 Follow Me Foodie January 29, 2010 at 12:01 pm

Ick…that cake does not look good at all!

Coming from a dessert “queen” that’s really bad. And also the fact that your superior photography skills couldn’t make it look good…is really really bad.

It looks so dry!! and like it’s been sitting for way too long. I want to drink water looking at the photo.

2 KimHo January 29, 2010 at 12:12 pm

Mijune, does it have anything to do with the fact we went together to Sweet Obsession and had that Neopolitan? :)

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