B & O Espresso

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B & O Espresso
204 Belmont Ave E
Seattle, WA
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While this is part of the meal I had on my last night in Seattle, I decided to switch order here, i.e., I chose to post about dessert first. I myself I am not a person with sweet tooth; however, once in a while, I will go for it. This was such the case. After our meal in Le Pichet (the topic of tomorrow’s post), I took OF for some tea. Sure, it was “late” already but, at the end of this phase of the project, I though we might as well give this a chance. So, I decided to drive to one of the best known such spot in Seattle, B & O Espresso.

B & O is not labelled as a pastry shop; rather it is sort of a dinner but with a large cake/pastry menu. When we arrived – which ended being a pain because of the lack of parking space – most of other tables had only tea/coffee/dessert. I guess it should be an issue we were to order only that, right?

As for my selection of drinks, I went for tea. Frequent readers, will have noticed that tea I have ordered more frequency is Earl Grey. However, if it is available, I will go for Darjeeling. I had a cup of that form of tea some time ago and… Well, it is somewhat difficult to describe. I have tried Darjeeling ever since and it has not been the same experience. That’s why I usually end up falling back to my second favourite: Earl Grey. Sorry everybody, green tea is somewhat overrated for drinking. While that is what I ordered and got in a tea pot, taking a picture of a tea pot is not that interesting. I was somewhat disappointed with the actual tea as there wasn’t that much of that orange taste unique of Earl Grey. As for OF… Well, let me put the pictures first:

Sorry but light conditions were terrible and I was *this* close to using the Speedlight. However, I did not because we were seated in an open area and that would have been distracting to other customers. Above Numi White Tea (?!) which happened to be a flowering tea. I had a little bit of this and… Well, it is extremely different compared to the different forms of tea I have had before. In this case, it had a bitter, alkaline/chalky taste. Not the form of tea I would drink…

OF was OK with having only tea but that did not stop me from ordering a dessert. Reality is that I did not check their dessert menu in advance and asked the waiter for the best selling item. His reply? “Chocolate raspberry torte”. I did not think too much about it and asked for a slice of that. The end result is seen in the picture above. I wasn’t really expecting a cake but, after it arrived on the table, it reminded me of certain item I had in Sweet Obsession. End result? I had to do a comparison… In this case, it was as bad as the one I had in Sweet Obsession. Almost the exact same problem that occurred here happened there as well (go ahead, check that post, I will still be here!). That begs the question: is the dessert supposed to be like this or the execution in both places is bad? Regardless of the answer, I did not really like it.

In the end, I have the hunch that this place have certain potential, specially considering the area itself is somewhat similar to Vancouver West Side. However, so is Sweet Obsession. In both cases, I was not impressed and will have to give it thumbs down.

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