Kreation Artisan Cake

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Kreation Artisan Cake
3357 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC
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In yesterday’s post of Pho Tan, I made specific mention that I did not order the large sized bowl of pho and went for the small one instead. Truth is I was planning to go somewhere else after that meal and, while I am considered to be big for a Chinese born, which translates to a medium-large person on this side of the world, I can only eat that much – something that has changed since I have grown older. (Hey, I am not in my 20’s any more! 😛 ). Besides, I don’t have a black hole like Mijune (of Follow Me Foodie) and/or her friend Nicole (of Le Mode du Jour) whom tweeted (sp???) a couple of days ago, saying between the two of them, they ate “enough to feed a family of 4…or 2 full grown men + a baby.” Did I mention they are two petite, slim women? I feel ashamed… Anyway, so, why did I go for the small bowl of pho? Because I wanted to try Kreation Artisan Cake, a bakery/pastry shop in Cambie Street.

Ninja update: How much did Mijune and Nicole eat? Check here!

Now, here is a small disclaimer: I am not that much of a sweets person. Sure, I can eat some but I won’t die if I don’t have it. The fact that I drove all the way to Cambie Street meant I was determined to give this place a try. This is specially true as I still had fresh memories from my trip to Seattle and the goodies I got from Bakery Nouveau. But, before I go to the goodies I actually had, here are some pictures of what you can find in Kreation Artisan Cake.

So, from a perspective, you can tell it share some similarities with Bakery Nouveau. But, unlike Bakery Nouveau, Kreation is a small shop: it has only one table for you to seat and enjoy your goods (if you choose to eat in) plus a couch at the end. Given the small amount (as in batch size, not type) of goodies available at a time, I guess that was the intent, i.e., create a cozy environment for you to try the goods, rather than a cafe-style one.

As for what I got, I went for their Green Tea Chestnut, which serves sort of a straight comparison with the Blueberry Pistachio I had in Bakery Nouveau. It is made green tea dacquoise, caramelized merengue, chestnut cream between layers of green tea cake. The caramelized meringue did not really work for me. Don’t get me wrong, it was good in its own ways; however, either due to the placement (i.e., almost top layer) or the texture of it resulted in a somewhat crumbly mess when trying to scoop vertically. The rest of the dessert had a light fluffy consistency, which ended up contrasting that meringue texture. Tastewise, I was able to lightly “sense” the chesnut, which is always good (though, as usual, a bit stronger taste would have been better). However, aside from the greenish colour, I had problems with the green tea; specifically, I don’t think I actually taste anything “green tea” (but, then again, I am a Darjeeling/Earl Grey drinker). Despite that, the layer cake was moist and managed to contrast the texture of the meringue. Based on this, I think the winner is still the Blueberry Pistachio…

Now, in an odd move on my side, I was talking to the person in charge at the moment about my experience with the Blueberry Pistachio and he introduce me to pastry chef Kanno who was in the back (no doubtly preparing some goodies) and owns the place. I told her about the blueberry pistachio and how it compares against her creation. When mentioned the wafer/meringue comparison, she explained she is trying to create recipes that does not use gluten hence some odd decisions (like using the meringue). She took quite well the suggestion of creating something similar to the Blueberry Pistachio and mentioned she might give it a try once blueberries are in season. If that is the case, I look forward to see it is there to give it a try.

After my conversation, I picked up two more basic goodies and took it home:

To the top/left, a brownie and to bottom/right, a cookie drop (?). The cookie drop was lemon, similar to the texture of a hard cookie coated dusted with some caster sugar. This is something I would definitely serve with tea (assuming, that is, if I was to serve tea!). As for the brownie, it did not have that creamy consistency you feel when it is made with lots of butter. Instead, it had the texture of a cake, which is not necessarily bad. Still, I enjoyed it because it wasn’t too sweet, rather, there was a level of bitterness to it.

Overall, Kreation Artisan Cafe offers a solid product line. Sure, they are not Fratelli Bakery cheap but the products are well made and showed some care in its creation. Despite it wasn’t an out-of-the-park home run, it was good and a nice addition to the area. I will be back.

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