Pearl House Restaurant

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Pearl House Restaurant
7152 Sperling Avenue
Burnaby, BC
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Once again, I was in South Burnaby running some errands and due to other circumstances, it ended up a bit later than expected. Thanks to post from Jenny (of My Secret Eden), Kevin (of 604 Foodtography) and Sherman (of Sherman’s Food Adventures), once again, I decided to tackle Chinese/Taiwanese-type late night eats and that place ended up being Pearl House Restaurant.

Pearl House - Exterior

Now, there are reasons why I tended to stay away from these but, after visiting places like No 1 Beef, Beefy Beef and similar ones, I found it wasn’t that bad for me to go by myself. It is as if the staff knew there will be one or two crazy people who go by themselves! 😀 While I was guided to a table, I notice a familiar face…

Pearl House - Poco Ocean chef!

I had to scratch my head a little bit until it hit me… That is the chef of Poco Ocean!. So that answers the questions of where do chefs go out to eat, hehehehehe. Now, Kevin, they close on Sundays so stop wonder who was running the restaurant!

One of the challenges in this type of restaurants – or at least for me – is their menu: I never know what to order. Since there is no one speciality in the straight sense of the words and their menu going all around the map, choosing one semi-representative dish is a task. But, that night, I felt for something warm, which narrowed down the choices to soup. While I could order soup by itself, instead, I went for a combo. In this case, their combo allows you to choose between two types of entrees (noodle/soup or rice + meat dishes), a starter/side and/or a drink. Since I was ordering a soup, I wasn’t sure a milk tea would have worked well as a drink and, as a result, I skipped that part. So, here is the starter.
Pearl House - Starter, chicken gizzard

Chicken gizzard. Actually, I wanted something else, namely, pig’s ear but they were out of it. I know some of you might be freaking out but, aside from its characteristic chewiness (and, in this case, it was at room/cold temperature), it wasn’t that bad. The sauce on top added some saltiness which contrasted some of the sweetness from the gizzards. Of course, I would have preferred the pig’s ear crunchiness but, oh, well…
Pearl House - Beef sirloin and tendon noodle

For the “entree”, I went for beef sirloin and tendon noodle. Now, I know this is not their specialty, specially considering I should have gone to Lao Shan Dong if this type of noodle is what I wanted for diner. However, it was Sunday and late, which meant LSD was closed so it wasn’t really an option. The question instead was… How does Pearl House compare?

Pearl House - Beef sirloin and tendon noodle (close-up)

The answer would be not much. The broth was OK enough but it is far from LSD. So, it will work in a pinch but, otherwise, I would rather walk/drive to LSD. Tendon ended up slightly chewier than expected, which ended up being a bit of a disappointment. I mean, how difficult would it be to have it stewing all this time (regardless if there are customers ordering it or not!). The beef was slightly chewier than the LSD, No 1 Beef or Beefy Beef but serves its purpose.

Pearl House - Beef sirloin and tendon noodle (close-up 2)

The noodles could have been better but, once again, it was edible enough. All the other sides (pickled mustard, green onions) did what it was supposed to, so won’t comment on those. In the end, while the food could have been better, I am comparing it with restaurants that partially specialize on those more than Pearl House. So, in its own way, such comparison is unfair. Still, the final product was decent and, in a way, encourages me to give it a try another night. Won’t necessarily order the soup/noodles, though…

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