Chicken Party

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Chicken Party
205 – 3355 North Road
Burnaby, BC
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OK, let me reassure you that, despite the name of this post, it is a PG post. Yes, there is a double entendre with the title of this post which is also the name of this restaurant. If you don’t know about that possible other meaning… Well, I won’t explain it (feel free to Google it). So, the question is… Why I was in a restaurant with such a strange, almost risque name? In that case, I will finger point shokutsu of Foodosophy who wrote about this place a couple of weeks ago. And what shokutsu end up getting? Based on that post, I will assume fried chicken!

Chicken Party, Korean, Fried, Chicken, Burquitlam, Coquitlam, Burnaby

I won’t deny that Burquitlam is an area I have to visit more often. I am sure there are good eats and, if you keep on driving to Port Moody, you have other type of good eats, like Rehanah’s Roti or Cake-Ya. However, getting there for me is a bit of an exercise. With that in mind, I wasn’t exactly sure where Chicken Party was until it was slightly too late and I drove past it. Unfortunately, I had to drive several blocks before I managed to turn around (and I do NOT mean doing a U turn!). Eventually, I arrived, walked in and…

OK, I have had strange situations in restaurants, like me walking to a Latin restaurant with all Latin American people then staring at me because I look Chinese. In the case of Chicken Party, something similar happened, except it was Korean people looking at me funny. Hey, what can I say! There wasn’t anybody at the cashier and eventually one of the cooks realized I was there and I was finally taken care of.

The menu is pretty straight forward… Or at least I could make out from what was written in English. They had (written in big English), fried chicken + fried chicken with spicy-sweet sauce + fried chicken with garlic soy sauce. In addition to that, some sides like fries, and so on (but no kimchi!. That’s on the sign on top. On the walls, it was full Korean… Sorry, I wasn’t going to take a chance and end up ordering a case of soju! (Though, of course, for some people, there is nothing wrong with that!).

Anyway, given it is basically chicken and some variations, I ended choosing an order of 10 pieces of garlic soy to go. I was told there will be a 15 minutes wait which I found reasonable if you are frying your chicken to order. After 12 or so minutes, I was given a styrofoam container which, at first, was oddly too light. Without saying anything, I walked out to the parking lot and…

Chicken Party, Korean, Fried, Chicken, Burquitlam, Coquitlam, Burnaby

At first I was suspicious about the chicken as it didn’t have that strong fried chicken smell but then I realized something even stranger… While there were physically 10 pieces, it is not 10 pieces the way most of us would count 10 pieces. That is, wings, drumstick, thigh and breast. Instead, some of the pieces would be split into two. For example, there were two pieces of white meat which I would safely assume they are from one chicken breast. At least the wing wasn’t split into the wingette (sp?) part and the drumette part…

Chicken Party, Korean, Fried, Chicken, Burquitlam, Coquitlam, Burnaby

With that sense of doubt I popped one piece and… At first, neither the garlic nor the soy sauce hit me. However, after I finished chewing and started swallowing, I started to “feel” some strong hint of garlic and some saltiness right there. Yup, there was some soy sauce and garlic indeed, just not at the first bite! The chicken was still quite juicy and nicely fried. In the end, rather than splitting the fried chicken into three or so meals, I ended up eating everything that night.

I will have to admit, this chicken is pretty good; however, the fact that the way the chicken pieces are cut makes me a bit suspicious. And, then is the long drive for me, which will certainly result in me not visiting them anytime soon. However, I am quite sure I will raise some eyebrows (and chuckles) if I yell aloud I am going to (a) Chicken Party… :)

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