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by KimHo on November 4, 2010 · 10 comments under: British Columbia,Food,Restaurant

Kim Anh
7405 Edmonds Street
Burnaby, BC
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Blogging is a labour of love. We do it because we want to, even when people try to bash us for no reason other than probably because we disagree. At other times, it is draining – after all, there are only that many hours a day so there will be compromises. As a result of different reasons or circumstances, blogs come and go. While it will always remain popular, there is that eternal question of who will still be there five years or more down the road. So, to a certain extent, I was a bit perplexed when Karl of The Friday Lunch stopped blogging for a while. See, I believe that Karl to be a down-to-earth guy and, in a sea of Asian born/x-generation Asian descend bloggers, he (along with Jonathan of Food and Tell) stood out because, well, he is your average “white guy” (no offence!). But, fortunately, it seems he is back and has started writing about places here and there. One such place was Lost in the 50′s drive, previously blogged by shokutsu (of Foodosophy). It seems there was a renaissance of sorts and has (re?)opened, and while it had your basic burgers, it also had its share of “F” items (“F” as in fusion…). Alas, the day I went, they were not open yet so I had to turn around and look for *anything* to eat. And suddenly, right next to me was Kim Anh.

Kim Anh, Burnaby, Vancouver, Pho, noodle, Vietnamese, Canadian, diner, spring, roll, bun bo hue, pho, pork, sausage, knuckle, blood, broth, vermicelli, burger, fries, sandwich

Now, this place has no relationship with me, name is purely coincidental. However, what confused me a lot was not the fact they advertise Vietnamese food; rather, it advertised Canadian/Vietnamese food. OK, this might be some sort of undiscovered combination? A new wave of “F”? No, instead it is something similar to Canadian/Chinese restaurants: a diner of sorts serving basic dishes like burgers, sandwiches and soups but, in this case, in a separate sheet, bowls of pho. Do you want pho with that??? Of course, that raised an odd question: Should I order pho and spring roll or should I order a burger and fries? How about a burger with spring roll or pho and fries? In the end, I decided to stick only on the Vietnamese side mainly because the table next to me made an order of that side of the menu…

Kim Anh, Burnaby, Vancouver, Pho, noodle, Vietnamese, Canadian, diner, spring, roll, bun bo hue, pho, pork, sausage, knuckle, blood, broth, vermicelli, burger, fries, sandwich

Starting off, I also ordered spring rolls. At $5, this will be a serious contender for worst $$$/amount category. Of course, if it was good, I won’t argue much about it; however, it was just on the average side. And, as a result, it shouldn’t command those $5. What were the issues? Well, it was your regular vegetable type spring roll that does not have much that made them stand out compared to other spring rolls I have had in the past. Well, probably other than the fact it was well fried, i.e., not much of an oily texture and piping hot when served. But, that is more of a frying skill (which I assume would work great with the other fried dishes from the non-Vietnamese side of the menu), not of the overall cooking process.

Kim Anh, Burnaby, Vancouver, Pho, noodle, Vietnamese, Canadian, diner, spring, roll, bun bo hue, pho, pork, sausage, knuckle, blood, broth, vermicelli, burger, fries, sandwich

This is the dish that the table next to me ordered so I followed suit: their version of bún bò hue. Now, notice a certain oddity: unlike a lot of other Vietnamese places, you will get your plateful of bean sprouts on the side. Here, they were *below* the noodles. In a way, I felt slightly cheated as I was expecting it to be on the side but, instead, it ended up filling parts of the bowl. As for the noodles and meat, it was similar to the ones I have had in other places so won’t comment on that – other than the fact there weren’t some pork blood or knuckle.

Kim Anh, Burnaby, Vancouver, Pho, noodle, Vietnamese, Canadian, diner, spring, roll, bun bo hue, pho, pork, sausage, knuckle, blood, broth, vermicelli, burger, fries, sandwich

However, what completely skew me off this one was the broth: it was a bit sweet. No, I am not referring to sugar-y water; rather, imagine a broth which ended up being a bit sweeter than expected due to the addition of some ingredients (for example, too much corn or carrots in a chicken soup). Whether that was a good thing or not, I will leave it as a personal preference. In my case, I was hoping for a savoury, spicy soup – and it didn’t deliver.

Given that I had only the Vietnamese side of the menu, I can’t necessarily vouch for the rest of the menu; however, if I go for visuals only, another table fries and burger and, well, it looked like your average diner type burger. Is that good or bad? Again, it is a personal preference. But, in the end, what was written in Urbanspoon by the Foodosophy team about Kim Anh is the best way to phrase it: “East Meets West, and East Suffers…”

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1 The Celiac Husband November 4, 2010 at 5:08 am

Ha. Yes indeed, blogging is a labor of love, I broke camera #3 a while ago and now use that as an excuse for not having been as regular as previous.

But I, your average “white guy”, will be back soon.

2 shokutsu November 4, 2010 at 6:54 am

Wow, a flurry of mentions, thanks for the name dropping today KimHo. :)

I’m hoping to make a return to LIT50′s too, after seeing Karl’s revival post. Knowing how much you drive around to eat, you’ll probably beat me to it. :)

3 Sherman November 4, 2010 at 7:56 am

It’s quite the coincidence that your post about people bashing bloggers comes on a day that I had to change my own posting rules. Someone bashed my comments about the Reef (which we both went to) saying that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I love how these people either hide behind the guise of “anonymous” or create a fake blogger account just to make one damning comment. Funny how these people don’t PM me and allow me to know who they are and that I can personally respond. But yah, anyways, I too want to get to LIT50′s as well…

4 shokutsu November 4, 2010 at 8:19 am

Sherman, you’re not alone if that is of any comfort from those who don’t realize what we do it just our take/our opinion on things and they are free to disagree but some take it too personally and make attacks with no merit or even trying to explore why our opinions were as such. We’ve found once you confront them to enter into a bigger discourse, they disappear, much like school yard bullies do when you challenge them. Some wackos tho, take things to other public sites/places and bash you there, which make no sense…

5 Buddha Boy November 4, 2010 at 8:28 am

Bashing bloggers? But, aren’t we all so loveable? Don’t our opinions stand for all of society? :p

We too are considering adjusting our comments portion.

As for LIT’50s, most definitely going to go there, back in elementary school, I was a regular at Wally’s. The reincarnated Wally’s just isn’t the same and I’ve been looking for a place for a greasy, divey burger….plus, i dont’ want to drive to Surrey for it.

6 KimHo November 4, 2010 at 9:56 am

Peter, yup, yup, hope you get back to it soon! :D (while I am not really a pastry lover, I do appreciate some pictures of your baked goodies!)

shokutsu, there is no “beating” to anybody here! At most, it is a friendly competition of sorts! :)

Sherman, as shokutsu said, it is standing up to your convictions. We can agree to disagree, as long as it is in respectful ways. Once you go astray… Well, there is no point.

BB, have you considered Burger Burger? It is also in New West and, due to timing, it might not be easy to go there either…

7 Karl November 4, 2010 at 10:40 am

Thanks for the mention and the kind words, Kim. It’s nice to be writing on a semi-regular basis again…kind of therapeutic.

BTW, I visited Kim Ahn a few years ago. Had the Bo Kho. Probably the toughest beef I’ve come across…awful stock, as well. After two bites, I paid and told the lady what she served was unacceptable. I don’t think she understood me.

8 Derek Ip November 4, 2010 at 12:28 pm

My favourite viet spring rolls are from Pho Queen in Richmond, they’re near supermarket 2000 if you’re ever in that area.

9 Elaine November 4, 2010 at 6:05 pm

^Derek you are totally talking about Kim’s favourite city hehehehehehehehe

10 KimHo November 4, 2010 at 10:39 pm

Karl, credit to where is due, buddy! As for the food… Oh, well, what can I say… >_< Derek, what Elaine2 said… :P

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